Friday, August 27, 2010

This is the boy who...

...tells me his socks are "funny" every time I put them on and makes me "fix" them.

...also tells me his diaper is "funny" every time I change it and makes me "fix it".

...carries his red car EVERYWHERE.

...would sleep with his red car if I let him. But I don't. So instead the red car sits on his dresser so it can "watch" him sleep. It's the first thing he wants in the morning.

...calls me honey. :) the best hugs ever.

...I must look at every night while he is sleeping.

...wants to do everything his big sister does.

...screams and cries for no good reason every time he gets a bath.

...every night that I tuck him in says "good niiiight. Love you tooo! Bye!"

...every time I tell him we are going somewhere, whether it's the gym, store, library... anywhere... he says he doesn't want to go. Even though he really does.

...can throw a temper tantrum with the best of 'em.

...has a smile that can make any gray cloud go away.

...and owns a very large chunk of my heart.

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