Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Upper Hawksbill

On Saturday evening we decided to do the Upper Hawksbill hike. In the morning we hiked down to a waterfall so why not hike up to the highest point in the park.

Upper Hawksbill is only a two mile round trip and most of it was quite easy. It was uphill but it wasn't insane. It's hard to know how far you've walked when you are in the woods and there are no markers so we just took a leisurely pace and enjoyed the quietness of the woods.

It eventually turns in to a steeper climb and then all of a sudden you are at the top and the view is gorgeous and you can see forever in almost every direction.

There was only one other family up there at the time and they were off in a different direction so it felt like we had the place to ourselves. Stunning. And when no one is around we can be a bit dorky. :) It's how we roll.

We did what we could to get some pictures of ourselves together and we took one to send a message to the kids since we couldn't call them.

At the highest point there was a nice outlook area constructed. It was nice. It made me feel safe. I'm not terribly afraid of heights... I'm just nervous about falling off the edge of the rock cliffs and down the huge mountains. You know... death. That's all. Nothing major to get nervous about.

Mike doesn't get nervous on the edge like I do so I feel like I have to be nervous for him. In order not to spoil his fun I have to just turn away and let him do his thing. I looked at him just long enough to snap this picture and I didn't even take the time to make sure I had good composition.

I have to remind myself that he walks on roofs and stages every day and has for the past fifteen years. He's not going to fall.

It's fun to feel like you are on the top of the world.

(I'm making a stupid face because the sun was in my eyes and I couldn't see.)

It's so peaceful at the top. I could live there. Well, once the kids grew up and moved out because if they were at home on the mountain I would always be having little heart attacks for fear that they might fall off the cliff.

I think if we ever do this hike again that we will pack our food and have a picnic at the top and spend some more time there.

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