Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White Oak Canyon Falls

On Saturday of our vacation in Shenandoah National Park we woke up, enjoyed our breakfast on our balcony, watched some deer stroll through and then headed out for our first hike... White Oak Canyon which was a 4.6 mile round trip.

(These pictures were right before we saw the bear and I was all "Dude! I'm outta here!")

The trail led us to a waterfall that is 86 feet. We were excited. It sounded impressive. It was so-so. Nothing extremely amazing. I called it more of a water "slide" as it never really seemed to fall.

 Either way we still really enjoyed the hike. We took our time, we held hands, we talked and joked and laughed. It was a great way to spend the morning.

 After viewing the falls we had a 2.3 mile uphill hike. We found some fungus along the way that I've always known as "Indian paper". Mike had never had an experience with this stuff before so I showed him how it works. Basically you take a stick and can scratch something in to it. I did the "I heart U" to demonstrate and then Mike had a go at it.

And the nice thing about going to a national park is that they keep the trails nicely maintained and they are kind enough to build steps for you when steps are needed. It's quite nice of them.

 It was a great, enjoyable hike. I'd do it again.

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