Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Computer resurrected from the dead!

Months ago my computer crashed. Died. Wouldn't even start. I could turn it on but it just went to this "thinking" page and never went any further. We tried starting it different ways. I called my computer genius brother and tried everything he said to try. I almost threw the computer out the window.

Nothing worked.

Dead computer.

I bought a new computer and was hoping to find someone who would help me to recover my pictures off the dead one. I didn't want to pay a ton and was hoping that maybe someone would want to trade their services for a photo shoot or something.

No one did.

I have had a dead computer just sitting here waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Mike's cousin had some program that he burned to a cd and told us to start the computer up with that and see what happened. It worked... kind of. I could see my pictures but it was a weird program and I couldn't figure out how to do anything about anything.

I was stuck again. And I REALLY wanted my pictures!! They were of Christmas and Jason's 2nd birthday. Not just your every day stuff. :(

Mike took the computer to work one day recently so his cousin could mess around and see if he could use the program he gave us and get our pictures to our external hard drive. Problem was that Mike took the wrong cord for the hard drive so they couldn't do it. His cousin decided to just start the computer up normal because he wanted to see what it was doing and oh my gosh!!!

My computer has come back from the dead!!!

Just like that. Fixed itself. It's a miracle! It's working.

Mike is currently moving my pictures to our hard drive just in case it decides to die again. After that we are going to strip it down and take everything off of it. After that it can be Mike's computer... because I get the nice one.

But I am sooo happy to be getting those photos!! And I didn't even have to pay someone!!

Glad I just left it laying on my bedroom floor for half a year. Who knew that would fix it!?! Maybe it was all the dust.

The work is done. I have my pictures! And my recipes! And my music! Hallelujah!!!! You  have NO IDEA how happy this makes me!!

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