Friday, September 24, 2010

The fine print.

We are Steelers fans. More so, we are Troy Polamalu fans. He is definitely someone I wouldn’t mind my kids looking up to as a roll model.

A lot of you probably have seen the head and shoulders ads with Polamalu in them. They are silly. Humorous. They make me laugh.

Haven’t seen it?

Head and shoulders is promising thicker looking hair in a week.

Sounds good.

Well the other day we got our ads in the mailbox and I saw this one for head and shoulders.

Looks good. Sounds good.

Until you read the fine print.

See that little * after “IN 1 WEEK”?

Oh you can’t see it? Yeah. It is pretty small. Well I will tell you that it is there and when you find the corresponding * with the info it reads “*versus unwashed hair”.


If you use head and shoulders your hair will look better than [dun dun daaaa] your unwashed hair!

Oh my gosh!!! It's even guaranteed!!! I MUST go get me some head and shoulders!!

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