Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Girl Talk Hop: Two Questions

Just a reminder that my giveaway ends tomorrow. Get entered if you haven't already!

We are hosting another blog hop over at Girl Talk today. If you haven't checked out Girl Talk lately you should!

Today's hop is two questions:
1. If you were to identify the most important quality in a friend, what would you say it is?
2. If you could have a single button beside your bed that did one thing, what would you want it to do?

1. I think the most important quality in a friend is honesty. It doesn't matter if they are kind if they are not honest. It doesn't matter if they are loyal if they are not honest. A relationship can't survive without honesty.

I know that a lot of friendships that are no more could have been saved with honesty. People get hurt and offended and if they would just say "what you did/said hurt me" we could deal with it and move on. Most times we don't even realize we hurt the other person. Honesty also covers saying yes when you want to and no when you want to. Honesty means sharing your life... the good and bad.

Honesty is a must.

Ok. On to lighter things.

2. If I had a button beside my bed that would do any one thing... I could think of a lot of "one things" that I would want it to do.

Summon Mary Poppins. That would cover a lot of things!
Or maybe it could make my kids be quiet.
Or make them sleep till ten in the morning once in a while and not mess up their nap or bedtime.

Or perhaps it would be a button that I used at night and it would cause the entire house to instantly enter a deep, restful sleep that left us feeling super refreshed when we woke up no matter how little sleep we got.

Eh... I think I'll stick with summoning Mary Poppins. All she has to do is sing and the house cleans itself. I could use some of that!

Head on over to Girl Talk to link up and join in. Would love to read your answers to the questions!

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