Saturday, September 25, 2010


 The other day something happened that made this mommy heart soooo incredibly happy.

Liza said to me "let's walk down the road to take pictures of the flowers!"

How could I say no!? She had seen me do it many times while they were playing at the bottom of the road so that is where she wanted to take her camera too.

Liza grabbed her camera. Jason grabbed his camera. And I grabbed mine. Then we headed out to find the flowers.

Jason followed Liza around taking pictures of anything she stopped to take a picture of. It was the cutest thing ever!

 Here are some photos that came off of Liza's camera...

 She has taken hundreds of pictures. I'll have another post with more of them soon. They aren't anything spectacular but she surprises me being that she is only four.

Even if her love of her camera fades tomorrow I have had fun with it. I have enjoyed it. Photography is my main hobby and a growing passion. It would be awesome if at least one of my kids decided they liked it as well. But if they don't I can't force it on them.

But for now... I love watching Liza do things I do with her camera. Like standing on a chair to take a picture of something on the floor. Or bringing her pumpkin out of her room and putting it on her chair so she can take some pictures.

Warm fuzzies.

It's all warm fuzzies inside.

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