Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's my Birthday!

I was born 31 years ago.

And I have to say this has been a memorable birthday!

It started out with a girl's night on Friday. My lovely friend Rainey decided to host a little partay for me. :) I felt special. I felt like a kid again getting to have a birthday party. People were coming to celebrate with ME! I loved it.

As they showed up they gave me gifts... which was totally unexpected but I wasn't about to refuse a gift!

Kim B. gave me flowers and I love them! They smell so good!

And see this...

That's gold right there people! I spend money at Panera Bread and my friends know me well. A Panera Bread gift card is a guaranteed good gift!

Rainey had a very nice set up for dinner.

And the food was really great! Chicken, cheesy potato casserole, veggies, snacks. And Rainey even made a sugar free dessert for me that was yummy!

We had planned to go bowling after eating but a lot of people weren't up for it. When I realized more people would stick around if we just hung out at Rainey's we decided to stay there... and Wii bowl... on the Wii that I had sold to Rainey. :)

I won. :) They say they let me because it was my birthday but that was just to make themselves feel better about losing. But really... I had an absolute blast last night. I haven't laughed so much in a long time and it felt great. We were just being free to be ourselves and that is the best gift a friend can give!

(Some people left before we got the camera out but I am sure after seeing these they will be glad that they left!)

Left to right: Beth, Kim V., MEEE (dork!), Kim B. and Rainey

(I look like I'm ready to kill someone in that last one hahaha.)
Today is my actual birthday. Mike had to work and when I woke up I decided I wanted to go to Panera Bread for breakfast. It IS my birthday. And it's fun to take the kids there. They are good and they love the bagels with cream cheese too.
Most of the day has been spent relaxing but we did go outside for a bit and we walked to the mailbox... where there was another surprise for me!! Yay! My best friend Melissa sent me some lovely jewelry!

And the best part is that the jewelry goes GREAT with the outfit I had planned to wear out tonight. Where am I going? My church has a woman's event tonight called Daughters of the King. It's a dinner and then there is a speaker... Debbie Morris. All I know is she was kidnapped when she was 16.. Should be good message!... because when you go through something like that and turn to God and let him use it it is going to be good. And I will be dining with some lovely ladies. I'm looking forward to it!

Tomorrow we have a babysitter so that Mike and I can go out! He also told me I could get myself a full body massage!!

Woo hoo!

I like turning 31!

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