Thursday, September 30, 2010

Liza's first day of school... was a couple weeks ago.

A few Wednesdays ago Liza had her first day of school. (Yeah. I'm behind.) The day I was deathly ill was her meet and greet day. Thankfully I have a wonderful Mother-in-law who saved the day and took Liza for that. Then on her first day of school I almost forgot to get some pictures.

I took a few in our driveway on the way to the car. And I showed up just a little bit late. Oops. Not late for the start of school but I had to volunteer that week and I was a few minutes late for that. It's my one time being late this year. Don't shoot me!

Anyways... my girl being all grown up on her first day of school... which isn't really school but a little program that we call school.

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