Friday, October 29, 2010

(Anonymous commenter please read.) The purpose of me posting the "wish list"

At least one person misunderstood the purpose of my posting "wish lists." I understand that calling it a wish list and writing why my kid would like that thing could seem like I am asking for others to buy my kids gifts.

I'm not.

I never do.

I made the list for myself. Things I intend to get my kids for Christmas.

I posted the list and will continue to post lists in the future because
1. I like to share my ideas with others and hopefully help them out with their Christmas shopping for their kids. That is why so much information, including cost was given. Basically some free advertising for some companies that put out cool things.
2. I would just be emailing the list to the Grandmas when they asked for ideas anyway. This way it's there, they can see it and if they are having trouble coming up with something then they can take something off my list before I buy it. Making their work easy.
3. I now have all my ideas in one place with links of where to buy them when I am ready to do so.

I called my mom yesterday and told here there is an idea list for Liza on the blog and her immediate response was "Oh good! I was going to call you about that soon. It's just so hard to wander through the stores trying to come up with something."

The anonymous comment that was left was hurtful. Not because of what it said but because it was only signed from "one of your family members." It wasn't fun to hear that I am disappointing because of a  misunderstanding. And it's left me in a tough place. I have no one to go to to clear up the misunderstanding. And my head is running crazy with curiosity and accusations as I try to figure out who has done this. I'm constantly having to remind myself "Don't go there Laura! You don't want to be falsely accusing an innocent person and walking around trying to figure out who it was during the holidays." But it's not long before my mind is running around again with thoughts like "Would one of my sister-in-laws have said that? I hope not! Or a cousin? There are a few cousins who I know read. I think an aunt or two may click over once in a while. Hmmm. Maybe it's a relative I don't even know reads it! Wait! Stop it Laura! You really don't want to go there."

What I would like to happen would be for the anonymous person to send me an email simply letting me know it was them. I have forgiven already and have no intention of yelling and whatever. I just want to put my mind at rest and stop being insecure when it comes to thoughts of my family. This would happen a lot quicker and more easily if I had an answer. And I promise to keep it just between me and that person and not go blabbing about who it was.

Anyways... all this has been quite exhausting and I plan to take a short sabbatical from the blog. See you in a few.

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