Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ariel Take 2

I already did some senior pictures for Ariel but that happened on a gloomy, rainy day. I wanted to get her some that were a little brighter. She IS my sister-in-law and she does babysit a ton. She can have five shoots if she wants.

A while ago I had mentioned that it might be fun to take her keyboard out in the field next to her driveway. So we did that today. It was a tricky shoot for me because it was really different than what I normally do but I had fun and I learned. It's good to get out of the box and challenge myself from time to time... no one else is going to challenge me. I'm on my own. My own teacher. Stretching is good.

The pictures didn't turn out quite as I had imagined in my mind. Her keyboard stand was different than I had envisioned so that changed some things but oh well. We had a good time and these probably won't be her senior photos but they will be photos that she will keep and appreciate because music is her love.

wIMG_5971 1

wIMG_6050 1

wIMG_6040 1

wIMG_6009 2

wIMG_6013 1

wIMG_5955 1

wIMG_6004 1

wIMG_6043 1

 After finishing up in the field we took just a few more pictures around the house. Ariel wanted one with her Letter jacket and trumpet.

wIMG_6062 1

Just for fun...
wIMG_6067 1

wIMG_6087 1

wIMG_6072 1

She's so pretty!

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