Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun on the farm

I've been asking around, looking for a good pumpkin patch to take the kids to. I've never done anything like that before and I had no idea where to find a good one. I asked a lady at Story Time at the Library and she told me about one and said her whole family loves it and goes year after year. The week after she told me about that she asked if I had gone. I said not yet and she said "Oh good! I would have felt so bad. We showed up and were soooo disappointed because there was NOTHING there this year. BUT, we found another really great one and the kids had loads of fun for HOURS." She told me where it was and that is the one we went too.

It was only fifteen minutes away which was perfect for us since Jason still needs his afternoon nap and it closed at 6:00.

We went to Reichhold Farms and while they didn't have a real pumpkin patch where we could go pick our pumpkin they did have plenty of other fun things for us to enjoy and the kids had an absolute blast. I have a ton of pictures and instead of making a mile long post I decided to put them in to collages.You'll thank me because even with the collages it's going to be long.

We showed up, paid the $7 per person (which wasn't bad because everything was included except refreshments.) Jason was free since he is only two. We immediately got on the hay wagon and were taken back to the farm where everything was going on. The hay ride gave us a tour and we had a worker telling us of all the things we could do. The kids LOVE hay rides. And I'm not gonna lie... I kind of love hay rides too.


We tried to get some pictures in the wooden thingies with the circles cut out for heads. Jason didn't really get it for a while. Liza cracks me up how she always has her hands out. It was insanely hard to get the kids looking out the holes at the same time but we had fun trying.


Jason mostly insisted on sticking his head out of the tall one. I laugh at these photos because we are dorks and half of Jason's little head popping out is just too funny.


We then headed to barn to check out the pony rides. Liza was super excited and she didn't hesitate at all when we asked if she wanted to ride. She smiled big, said YEAH!, and walked right over to the pony and the workers. She got on and enjoyed her ride like such a big girl.


While Liza was riding and I was taking pictures, Mike was talking to Jason and trying to convince him it would be fun. Jason eventually agreed to give it a go but when Mike started putting him on the pony he freaked out a bit. Mike just put him on anyways and once he was up there he was just fine. I'm glad Mike handled it like he did because I would have just let Jason grab on to me and we would have walked away. But he was a big boy and so cute on his pony ride.


There were lots of little festival type games for the kids to play. They had fun trying to bowl but they weren't very good at it. The balls were softballs and bocce balls and the pins were pretty heavy. Liza and Jason had a hard time pushing the balls hard enough. Liza was able to knock some pins over but Jason just told me "I can't do it."


They also like "fishing". If they found the pumpkins with a smiley face on the bottom they were to take it to concession stand to get a prize. Jason found one right away and we knew that we couldn't have Jason win a prize and not Liza so we had to stay and keep trying to find another smiley. We did. They won a little tiny of thing of bubbles. They love bubbles. They were happy.


There were some other fun games but I didn't get any good pictures of the kids doing them because they were in a dark barn. But fun was had and prizes were won!

Next up was the face painting... or hand. We go with the hand. The kids can see it and they like that. Liza again didn't hesitate at all. She loves this kind of stuff. Jason almost cried when I tried to put him in the second chair. I think he just didn't know what was going on and there were strange people. But after watching Liza he was ready to get a pumpkin on his hand too.


I think one of our favorite things was the ball pit. This is what the ball pit was in...

IMG_6788 1

The kids could have played in this thing all. day. long. They LOVED it. Seriously... I think they just loved everything that they got to do today. It was all happiness and fun and laughter for all of us.


The ball pit was so much fun for them that we had to go back a few times. I didn't mind because there was some hay bales around the edge that made a good seat for Mike and I while we watched the kids have fun.


The big giant spider was an amusing site. Liza and Jason were cute checking it out. I was able to get them to sit down and act like they were all scared of the spider. My kids are cute.


The little hay maze was another place where the kids could have run around all day. It's funny how something so simple can amuze kids for such a long time. But it did. Back and forth. In and out. It was also attached to a little play house and Liza and Jason spent lots of time in there and peaking out the window. They figured out the maze all on their own. Smart little ones. :)



We of course had to stop off and visit Frankenstein for some more ridiculous pictures. (Of course I'm the only one that looks ridiculous. Everyone else looks cute.)


Pumpkins were covered in our entry fee so we each got one and sat down and colored for a little while. If you are wondering about Mike in the pictures he had decided to draw on a nice little feminine face on his and post with his kissy lips.

And just so you know... markers and pumpkins isn't a great idea because the marker just wipes off. But it IS fun. AND if you use marker you can draw on the pumpkins again and again and again. We will be coloring them again tonight.


The hay tunnel was super cool! Pitch dark. But super cool. It was about ten or twelve stacks high and you had to crawl through it. Thankfully they had a few flashlights for us to use. Liza just kept going through it over and over. Jason went through it a few times too. Mike and I did our best to follow them but since Jason could basically stand in it... well the kids were a lot faster than us old people.


One of the last things we did was the corn maze. I was a little bit scared to go in it with the kids because I hear stories of people getting lost in corn mazes for hours. I just saw a nightmare coming ha! But this one wasn't too big and we easily found our way through it. We let the kids lead the way and kept telling them "Don't pick the corn. I said don't pick the corn!! We aren't allowed to pick the corn!"


When we finished it still wasn't 6:00 yet so we decided to go back around and do some things again. Just before 6:00 we caught the hay wagon back to our van.

I loved this place. It was perfect for the age that the kids are at and I didn't think that $7 a person was too much for the amount of stuff and fun that was available. We could have spent hours there just letting the kids play. The staff was really friendly and just seemed to really enjoy putting on the event.

When we left my heart was full from good, quality family fun. I am certain that we will be heading back to this farm again next fall.

(If you want to see any of the pictures bigger just click on them. That will take you to my flikr account where if you hoover over the photo you will see a magnifying glass. Click the photo. Then in the top right corner where it says something about sizes just click the largest box and the collage will come up a larger size.)

The end.

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