Thursday, October 28, 2010

My wish list

I was anonymously called a tacky gift grubber because of the post Liza's wish list which was basically a list that I wrote for myself and one that I would share with  her grandparents. That was the purpose. That and to share ideas with others and maybe get some more. Anyways... since I am being a tacky gift grubber I decided that I would post some of my own tacky gift grubbing for myself. Here goes...

For Christmas, would you, my readers, PLEASE buy me these things. I insist. I mean... you read my blog every day so I think you owe it to me. Right? RIGHT? I mean... I EXPECT gifts.

Ok. Since we are now in agreement I'll get on with my greedy desires.

First I would like a house. Not just any house. THIS ONE.

It's 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath in a great area. I need to raise my kids there. And speaking of bathrooms... check this one out! I'm sold! I hope you are too because I'm asking you to buy this for me.

 Love those shelves above. And the kitchen is immaculate. I think I could like cooking in it.

The best part is that the house is only $699,900!!

I don't really think that my second hand furniture that fills my current house would look too great in my new one so along with the house, furniture would be nice. But it is important that you get this couch on your list...

Cost is only $2526.60! Incredible deal!

A new camera would be AWESOME!

I would like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Cost $2499.00.


I need a new camera because I will be the wedding photographer for my sisters wedding in March... IN FLORIDA. Wait! Who wants to buy my ticket to Florida?

Speaking of Florida... I would also like a vacation somewhere tropical. Don't forget to also hire my nanny that will come along and watch my kids.
Throw in a few extra camera lenses while you're at it too. And I've always like 64 Mustangs. Convertible. Red interior. White exterior. Nothing else will do. It will fit nicely in my four stall garage that comes with my new house!

Ok... I don't want to ask for anything else for fear that it will appear that I am being a tacky gift grubber. I really hope that list is enough to get your started and let you know what kinds of things I like!
PS... I don't post rude anonymous comments. Even if they are "from a family member". And I would have dealt with this differently if I knew who to speak with. But I don't. And this is my venting space.

Regular programming will continue tomorrow with Jason's wish list. I'll also eventually share with you ideas that I have for teachers/babysitters/peoplelikethat and after November is over I'll be able to share a fun white elephant gift idea because that party will be over. I'd share gift ideas for grandparents but the kid's grandparents read the blog so those will have to wait till after Christmas and you can store them in your memory for next year.

I'm anxiously awaiting all my wonderful gifts from you fabulous people!

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