Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kraynak's Christmas Store

It's been a tradition in Mike's family for a long time now and we've been joining in the past few years. We take the hour drive and go out for dinner (Golden Coral! Yum!) and then head to Kraynak's Christmas store.

We went pretty early this year. I think it was the day before Halloween. A little early for me but at the same time it was nice because there were no crowds and we could take our time.

The kids love Kraynak's. There is a long hallway that is decorated with all things Christmas. There are themed displays and it is one after another. (Pardon my poor pictures. I just took my little point and shoot and low light with no tripod = not great pictures.)

100_2505 1

100_2511 1

100_2513 1

Liza got pretty excited when she saw Dora.
100_2528 1

Liza and Jason stopped to pet the little zebra.
100_2538 1

100_2546 1

100_2502 1

There are plenty of Christmas decorations for the Steelers fans.
100_2553 1

Kraynak's has a gazillion different ornaments for every occasion and tinsel in every color you can imagine.
100_2556 1

And every size, shape and color snowman.
100_2555 1

There is a fun selection of toys and Mike and I got some Christmas shopping done. While we were doing that Papa and the kids found the train sets.
100_2559 1

100_2562 1

We had a hard time getting Jason away from the trains. He loves trains and bridges. Good thing he is getting one for Christmas!

Kraynak's makes for a fun  night out. I think we will keep it as part of our traditions too.

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