Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful Tree

My friend Laura recently started up a new blog and I am so glad that she did! She used to write and then the place she blogged closed down and she had to move and set up all over again. She took a break to do that and came back with a really awesome blog called A Ray of Sunshine. She writes about her thrift store finds and how she makes the outfits work, photo a day, recipes, fun finds on the internet, and crafts that she does.

Which leads me to the Thankful Tree. Laura posted this on her blog a day or two ago and I loved the idea so much that I decided to do it with my family. You can go to Laura's blog to get the full directions on how to do this HERE.

Here is our thankful tree which we made last night...
IMG_7377 1
(The picture isn't that great. My dining room is really dark and all that brown paneling... which is really closet doors... doesn't help!)

The basic idea is that every day everyone in your family writes on an empty leaf what they are thankful for that day. You fill the tree with all your thanks.

We set out to do it as a family but my kids were a little young for it. They did help me hunt down the sticks that we used but that's about it. I was going to have them punch the holes in the leaves but my hole puncher sucks. Doesn't matter though... we had fun hanging out as a family, talking about things we are thankful for and talking about our day.

Mike is thankful for...
IMG_7376 1

Jason is thankful for...
IMG_7380 1
(Yeah... he's stuck on princesses today because Liza said it was her favorite thing in the parade. I'm a little concerned because next week at school is dress like a prince/princess day and I'm afraid that Jason is going to have a huge fit if I don't let him dress in one of Liza's tutus. We'll deal with that when it happens though. Back to our project...)

Liza is thankful for...
IMG_7381 1

And I'm thankful for...
IMG_7383 1
It was a good day. The kids and I had a lot of fun and they were just really good all day long. It was refreshing. And that is why I am thankful for good days... because yesterday was a really good day.

So now we have a thankful tree in our dining room. I came up with an idea that will take this tree thing through December. We will use it as a Thankful Tree through November and then in December we will turn it in to the Giving Tree. I will probably decorate it with leaves to match the colors we use on our Christmas tree because they will be near each other. Then every time someone gives something to someone else... a smile, helps without being asked, a hug, being someone's friend, sharing a toy, etc., they will write that on a leaf and take the leaf off the tree and place it in a basket. My hope is that by Christmas the tree will be empty and the basket full... because the basket will be Jesus' "manger" and we will find a small doll to put in it on Christmas morning.

My hope is that my kids will learn that it's more fun to give than to receive and that they will think of creative ways to give.

And that's the tree. :)

Be sure to check out Laura's blog... A Ray of Sunshine!

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