Friday, December 10, 2010

Crochet Crazy

When I was younger my grandma taught me how to crochet. I liked it. But I go through phases and sometimes do a lot, sometimes a little and often not at all. But lately I've been a bit crochet crazy. I don't make anything too complicated yet because I never learned much beyond the basics. Recently though I've been challenging myself to go beyond what I've always known... because honestly, doing the same thing over and over can get a bit boring.

I was at the library when I got the brilliant idea to see if they had any books with patterns for something I would like to make. They did. I brought a few books home and I ended up making this popcorn scarf!

IMG_8683 1

The picture is a little bit fuzzy but you get the idea.

It was actually REALLY easy to make. It just used the basic stitches I already knew and I just had to do a little something extra to turn the stitches in to balls. Easy peasy.



I've been searching for more patterns that I could learn to follow. (I'm not typically a pattern person!) There are lots on the internet but I'm hoping to get back to the library or a bookstore soon to browse through books because I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING!

Perhaps in the meantime I should work on my Christmas cards.


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