Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating Cookies

I thought the kids would enjoy making and decorating cookies. I was right. :)

We kept it simple... store bought sugar cookie mix. Add egg and butter. Mix.

IMG_8933 1 IMG_8935 1 IMG_8936 1 IMG_8958 1

Make faces at each other.

IMG_8966 1

Roll out the dough and use your cookie cutters.

IMG_8988 1 IMG_8973 1 IMG_8969 1 

IMG_8982 1 IMG_8974 1

Bake the cookies.

IMG_9001 1

To ice the cookies I just used a container of store bought icing and added some food coloring.

IMG_9021 1 IMG_9022 1 IMG_9025 1

 Eat the cookies!

IMG_9038 1

Jason decided he only wanted to make candy canes. He made three. They all looked like this...

IMG_9046 1

Liza did an excellent job of icing the cookies. She copied what Mike and I did a few times but she did all of these on her own...

IMG_9049 1

Mike and I had a lot of fun with the cookies too!

IMG_9053 1

We had a lot of fun making the cookies and the kids love eating them.

Have you been making cookies?

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