Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kati and Jordan

A while ago I offered to some friends that I would trade a full day of babysitting for a photoshoot. Kati was the first one to jump on that offer and she babysat the kids right away. Then we just had to wait for the leaves to change so she and her husband could get some nice fall photos. And then they had to wait forever while I edited them because I got a bit lazy about it. And then you all had to wait forever for me to post them on here... because I forgot about them.

But here they are... and I like them.

wIMG_6124 1

wIMG_6117 1

wIMG_6106 1

wIMG_6145 1

wIMG_6122 1

wIMG_6197 1

wIMG_6184 1

wIMG_6191 1

wIMG_6267 1

wIMG_6240 1

wIMG_6236 1

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