Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Princess Gigi

Princess Gigi is a wonderful series for little girls. There are Bibles, devotionals, books and videos all based on the character Gigi who is a princess because she is God's daughter.

Live loooooves Princess Gigi!

So it just made sense to get her Gigi's pink boa and scepter when I saw them at the store. It's definitely Liza's favorite gift this year. She has been wearing the "scarf" and carrying her "wand" non-stop. She wants to be dressed as a princess at all times and she dances around for everyone.

This is what happened Christmas morning as soon as she finished opening her presents...

IMG_9588 1

And it continues...
IMG_9832 1

Liza definitely knows how to play the princess.

Now... if she could just pick up some of that royal behavior!

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