Monday, January 17, 2011

365 days of Wix-Pix

I decided I needed to push myself some more as far as photography goes. I have some things I want to learn and some things I want to try. I have some books I want to read and some shoots I want to do. But what is going to make me actually do any of these things? Nothing really. Just me.

So I decided to do Project 365.
That's taking one photo a day for the entire year.

I tried to do this before and I got really bored about half way through the year. The only thing I was taking photos of was my kids and that just got kind of old. So this time I'm forcing myself to get away from my usual and try out new things... that would be objects and nature. There will still be photos of the kids because that is my life right now. But it won't be pictures of the kids every day.

I've started a blog to post my pictures at daily. Feel free to follow it if you are interested. If you couldn't care less that's ok too. It's something I'm doing for myself but it's always fun to have people along for the ride. And if you have a 365 blog leave a link in the comments so others can find it too.

You can find my blog here:
365 Days of Wix-Pix

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