Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I like Mike.

I like Mike for lots of reasons.

He lets me be me. All the time. And he never makes me feel stupid for being who I am.

He gives me back massages almost every time I ask... which is often.

He shares in the responsibilities of the home and has never considered it all to be the "woman's job."

He changes diapers.

He makes me laugh.

He blushes easily and it's pretty cute.

He appreciates my crazy ideas and sees the potential in them.

He understands my need for time alone and never takes it personally when I say I just need to get away.

IMG_3608 1-1

But mostly I like him because he has stuck with me for eight years. Eight years of my craziness, two pregnancies and hormonal mood swings galore. The good, the bad and the ugly. He's stayed. I'm not really used to people staying in my life and eight years to me is a really long time.

I don't just like Mike. I love him. And I know he will stay with me for life.

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