Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm about to go hunting.

A while ago I wrote a post about how girls hunt. It's all about searching out those perfect pieces that finish off an outfit.

Well, I am about to go on the hunt again.

At the beginning of March I am going to Florida. (Anyone in the Tampa area let me know!) I'm going for a wedding. I need an outfit. And not just any outfit will do.

You see... I am the bride's sister. And I am the photographer. So I want to look nice but I need something that is also practical and comfortable. I need to know that my butt crack isn't hanging out when I bend over and I also don't want to flash everyone. And I certainly don't need them seeing my stomach if when I raise my arms. Eww. Also... shoes need to be comfortable.

I have an idea in my head. I can SEE the outfit. However I don't know if all those things exist. And if they do will they really look good on me?

And so I will hunt until I find something that does work.

I'm hoping it will involve these boots...

Then again... I could end up with something completely different than what is in my head. Or maybe even just grab something that is already in my closet.

I've got a month to make the kill.

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