Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm going to complain now.

Mike and I got to go away this weekend. We didn't do anything special... just got a hotel room in a town with a mall, movie theater and some restaurants. We like to do that once in a while because it forces us to just relax.

However... all kinds of things went a little bit wrong. Not really with our getaway... but life.

Friday morning I found out that my plans for Florida in March would need to be changed and that it wouldn't work for me to stay as long as I had hoped to. I was frustrated. I got it all sorted (in my head at least... still need to by a plane ticket) and it will sill work out ok. Just not as nicely as I had hoped.

I got a camera remote from a friend because she no longer used it. We figured it would work since we both had canons. Turns out it isn't compatible with mine and I think the only one that is has a two foot cord. ugh. Not going to work. Hopefully the remote is compatible with my sister's camera that she just bought. I will be using her camera as well as mine during her wedding. Short lens on one. Zoom on the other. It would be nice to not have only ten seconds to get myself in some shots and make sure everything looks good at the same time.

There was one restaurant that I wanted to eat at during our weekend. I was really looking forward to it. We were about to pull into the parking lot at 5:30 on Saturday evening when we realized it was closed. For good. Boo hoo.

Grandma retired and closed the Greenhouse. It's fair. It was her business and she was ready to be done. It's just that it's always been there. My whole life. It was my first job. It was the family business. And now it's still there but it's closed forever. Sad.

We ate at Friendly's the night that we were hoping to eat at the closed restaurant. The food was good but the service was lacking. It took TEN MINUTES to get some mayonnaise for my burger! TEN MINUTES! And when the server brought it out it was nasty! So I had to wait again to get good mayo. Ugh. That was frustrating. I was soooo hungry and just wanted some mayo for my burger. Mayo is NOT a difficult order! I almost cried.

Those boots I wanted? Yeah... can't get them. They are on the website. But they won't let me put them in my "shopping bag." I WANT THOSE BOOTS! I typed in all kinds of area codes to see if any stores in any area I might go to could possibly still have a pair my size in stock. No luck. No luck. That's what happens when you find a pair of boots you love on clearance. So now I have no idea what I will wear for my sister's wedding in just over a month because the outfit that was in my mind will not work without those boots. I asked her if she would mind if I showed up in jeans. I'm seriously considering it.

Some guys found a post on Girl Talk that I wrote about porn. A few found it necessary to leave some not so nice comments and I also became the person to talk about and bash and call names on one of their forums. Apparently I am disgusting and have my husband chained in a cage because I think porn is unacceptable. Fun.

Then just before we were leaving from our getaway to come back to my parent's to get the kids we got a call letting us know that one of our pipes froze and broke. ugh. They said all the water ran out under the overhang and there is no water in our basement so that is good. (Our house is built on the side of a hill so half of it is on stilts.) We rent and maintenance is going to fix it... tomorrow. We planned to stay at my parent's tonight anyways so it kind of worked out.

It's just all really frustrating.

I feel better now though that I was able to dump it all here. Thanks for listening (to those who made it to the end.)

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