Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meal Planning

I recently clicked over to Rebekah's blog... Life with the Edwards. I think a bunch of my other blog friends read her and I see her in all the comments of friends blogs so I figured I would check her out. And I am sooo glad I did because the other day she had a post with a photo she took of her meal planning sheet. After looking closer I saw there was a website on the bottom of her printout and I just had to find it. Rebekah was kind and emailed the link to the download.

You want to check this out!

It has a space for you to write your meals out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day of the week.

Then below that you can write out your grocery list and it has columns for meat, dairy, produce, etc. so even your grocery list is organized and I found that really helpful in the store since I am usually getting to the front of the store and realizing I forgot something way at the back of the store. Yeah. That's annoying.

The great part is that you can just tear off your grocery list and take it to the store with you and then hang your menu on the fridge. We used to just keep a notebook on the counter and use that for planning meals and keeping grocery lists. I am so glad that I can get rid of that notebook now because to me it always looked like clutter and I just hate clutter. And I have a very small counter to work with and it was always in the way.

Goodbye notebook! Hellloooo menu planner!

You want to head on over to The Project Girl and check it out. There are all kinds of great organizational labels and things for the organizational freaks out there.

Menu Planning Form

Oooh... and all you New Year's Resers may also want to go directly to the Goal Chart.

Ok. Go organize. :)

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