Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More colors

If you couldn't care less about the things I've been making you can just skip this post. It's ok. :)

Some people were wondering what other colors I have the hats in. I made one up in all five colors that I currently have. I only have one of each made but will be making others soon. You can place an order for a certain color but that will be first come first served.

Oh... and the pictures are sideways. I know. They weren't taken that way. They weren't saved that way. But when I load them they are that way. I'm frustrated. I tried about five different things. I know I could just try taking the pictures again but honestly, I'm tired of taking photos of the things I've been making today. So... just pretend they are the right way and admire the lovely colors.

Light Raspberry
IMG_3355 1

Cherry Red
IMG_3357 1

Plum Pudding
IMG_3354 1

IMG_3455 1

Medium Purple
IMG_3356 1

I also took a few photos of some of the hats with different flowers on. Cute! I love them and Liza wants one in every color.

hats and flowers

I'm working on putting up a facebook page (or something) with all my stuff to make shopping and ordering easier for everyone. I'll let you know as soon as that is up and running. Until then you can contact me through my blog, my facebook page or email me at emaillaurawick[at]gmail[dot]com.

(Flowers and hats sold separately.)

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