Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Princess

I'm pretty sure that Liza thinks she truly is a princess... and that's ok with me!

She loves Princes Gigi... God's Little Princess. A lot of people haven't heard of her and that's sad. Gigi is a princess because God is her father. There are books, videos, Bibles and devotionals to go with this character.

For Christmas Liza got Gigi's pink boa and princess wand and they were her two favorite gifts. She uses them daily. She can't wait to take off her clothes and put on her dressup ones. And she always has a crown or bow in her hair. Oh... and white gloves on. And pretty shoes. And most times a tutu.

I love it.

IMG_2786 1

IMG_2790 1

IMG_2794 1

IMG_2789 1

She's beautiful. And she IS a princess!

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