Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I swear by.

Girl Talk is having another Girl Talk Hop today and the topic is "Things I Swear By." We are sharing any kind of product, advice, tip or trick that has worked for us completely.

So what do I swear by?

This book was an absolute life saver. It worked for me with both kids. Worked for all my nieces and nephews. Worked for all my friends that used it. I buy it for everyone I know when they get pregnant and I tell them if you do what this book says it WILL work for you. If you want a baby that sleeps through the night (and I'm not talking just six hours at a time... I'm talking 10-12 hours straight) by three months old then read this book and do what it says.

I love this stuff and I am just about out so I will be ordering more. Whenever my heels get dry and start to crack I just put this stuff on at night and wear a pair of socks to keep my sheets clean. After two or three days my feet look great again. It also works great on dry, cracking hands during the winter. "The possibilities to mend have no end. You can use it on elbows, lips, heels, cuticles, knuckles, tattoos, pretty much anywhere your body needs it moist!"   I've only used it for my hands and feet so I can't tell you about the other things... but it definitely works great on hands and feet!

I've wrote about him plenty of times. Yes I swear by Dave Ramsey. He saved my life when it comes to finances. He's a hero. He teaches in a way that anyone can understand and he is soooo motivating it's ridiculous. He got me budgeting which helped me pay off all debt and I now have a nice savings cushion in case something should go terribly wrong. I have had financial peace ever since I took Dave's Financial Peace University a few years ago. Everyone needs a little bit of Dave Ramsey in their life.

That's my list. What do you swear by? Head on over to Girl Talk and link up!

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