Thursday, January 20, 2011

Want to hear a funny story?

Yesterday I wrote and complained about how Jason has been waking us up at night because "I don't wike it widdy dawk in here."

I've been trying and trying to convince him that dark is ok. God made the dark so the dark is good. Dark is cool. Just close your eyes and you won't know how dark it is.

Nothing worked.

So I started to use it to get what I wanted.

Sometimes Liza and Jason will keep yelling back and forth from their rooms when they are supposed to be quiet and going to bed. I started telling them that if they weren't quiet I would turn out the hallway light and they would just have to have it be really dark.

It worked. It worked well!

But Jason was still waking up in the middle of the night yelling out for some more light. Ugh.

Well... last night we had just tucked the kids in and they were talking a little so I reminded them that if they continued talking I would turn the light out and make it dark. And do you know what Jason said!?


What? Excuse me?

Just like that?! Just one night decided he's over it? Geez kid.

So last night we all slept with it "widdy dawk" and we all slept well all night long.

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