Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BBS: A Heart that Loves

Another week of Blog Bible study. We are doing the book A Woman After God's Own Heart and have I mentioned that I LOVE doing Bible studies with other groups of women!?!? Well. I do! I love it!

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What meant the most to you from this chapter or offered you the greatest challenge or inspired you deeply?
Well this chapter was DEFINITELY easier for me than the last two! I just really loved the encouragement to always make Michael my most important relationship after God and to love him well. I appreciated all of the wisdom that Elizabeth George shared and I am looking forward to continuing with the next chapter as it goes on about the same topic.

Decide to make your husband your Number One human relationship!
Begin to choose your husband over all other human relationships!
Look again at the treatment of these two choices in your book (see the "Yes, But How? section) and evaluate your marriage to see if your priorities and choices are "out of whack". What did you determine?

I often stop to evaluate my time and how I spend it. If I don't I can easily fill up my time with friends and ministry and all kinds of things that take me away from the home and my family. I am currently in a time of re-evaluation and I am making choices of what to keep and what to cut out. My life is going in new directions and that  means I can't hold on to everything that is currently in my life because I would be out of the house (without my husband or kids) too many evenings a week. By knowing what to say yes to and what to say no to I am able to keep a good balance and leave plenty of time for my husband.

NOW... I need to work on making better use of that time that I do have with my husband.

2.) Plan for Your Husband Daily -- Since you are on assignment from God to Love your husband, try these exercises and write down what happens to your heart.....and his!
--Plan a special deed of kindness for your husband each day for a week!
--Plan a special dinner for your husband next week!
--Plan a special date along with your husband this week. (If it doesn't work out with his schedule, that's OK. That will be another opportunity for you to pay attention to his desires and honor him. At least your heart was willing and in the right place -- and that's what this study is all about!)
Ok... I haven't done a special dinner. And I didn't get to do a special date. (We need babysitters!) But I have been a lot more aware of his needs and things that I can do for him throughout the week. It's amazing how when I focus on him and what I can do for Him that  I feel like our marriage is in a much better place. And we connect on levels that I forgot about.

I admit that I am and have been a selfish wife. I get tired on these days at home with the kids and I hate that I often have to say no to things or give up things that I love in order to make time for my husband and family. But I also know it's necessary. I just need to change my attitude about it all and stop being such a little brat. If I can do that I think life would indeed be grand.

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