Thursday, March 24, 2011

Called to the principal's office

Ok... remember my post on Monday about the incident at the gym?

Well it continues on my friends!! And I'm learning the names of the players...

We have Bill (the old man), myself and THE GYM NAZI. (That's what I am calling her now.)

I wasn't able to make it to the gym on Tuesday or Wednesday because I have other morning commitments. But I went back today. I walked in and I signed my name on the clipboard on my machine. (Followed the rules!) I was thinking that Gym Nazi would be so proud of me. :) That's when I noticed she was two machines down and I was so bummed I hadn't noticed sooner because I could have made a bigger show of my rule following... you know taking TWO lines to write my name nice and big instead of just one. Or showing her I actually did in fact write my name. Or thanking her for telling me how the gym works because it will change my life.

But I didn't do any of those things because while I don't mind confrontation I don't like to be one to start an unnecessary fight. :)

I'm doing my workout when Bill comes in. He tells me we've been reported and the higher ups would like it if I stopped in the office. Apparently Gym Nazi said that Bill called her a "fat a--". I don't know Bill all that well but I don't think he would EVER call someone at the gym who was actually working to make changes like that "fat". Never! He'd tell them that they were his hero.

Anyways... the higher ups wanted to hear from me what happened and I figured I better stop by the offices because if I didn't it would look like I had something to hide. I had nothing to hide and I knew I did nothing wrong. And I wanted to make sure that they knew Bill did nothing wrong either and that the person doing the tattling is actually the one who was very much in the wrong.

So I went to the "principals office." I laughed again as I told her what happened and how incredibly ridiculous the whole situation was. She asked what Bill told me about the rules and said he got them right. (I now know the rules! Woo hoo hahaha.) And the lady says "so basically this woman just went ballistic?" haha. I love that she used the word ballistic!

Yep. That's pretty much what happened. I said there was nothing nice about the Gym Nazi at all! And the "principal" said "Well I guess this is just one of those reminders to never let ourselves become like that. Thanks for talking with me. Have a nice day!"

And there ya go... our lovely reminder that no one really likes a Gym Nazi.


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