Friday, March 18, 2011

Growing up

Oh man! Can I just tell you how absolutely awesome it is to get outside for pictures again. The light is just soooooo much easier. And better! We've had temps around 60 the past two days. I got to get some great pics of my Liza and yesterday I did a photoshoot with what I am pretending is the beginning of a little amateur photography club.

Today I will talk about Liza though.

She's beautiful, stunning and full of life.


She's definitely an individual. She loves to dance. She is a princess.


She is an artist. She is funny. Always making me laugh. (Well, when she isn't making me angry anyways!)


I love my little Liza sooooooo much! And she is growing up... I had to stop shopping in the baby/toddler section for clothes. :(


I don't think I was ready for that.

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