Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr. Yuck

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Apparently March is Poison Awareness month or something like that.

It's what the teachers at Liza and Jason's school told us last week.

And they sent the kids home with tons of Mr. Yuck stickers.

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Liza and Jason told me that they were supposed to put them on things that you shouldn't eat.
And then they went around the house sticking the Mr. Yuck stickers on EVERYTHING.

IMG_7835 1

They were putting them on shoes, doors, dressers, chairs. EVERYTHING. And they were saying "don't eat that! It wouldn't be good!"

IMG_7856 1

We managed to redirect them and we have Mr. Yuck stickers on things like the garbage cans and some cleaning products. Where they should be.

But mostly Jason just had fun putting as many on his body as possible. It was nice. We talked about not biting. He needs talkin to about that because he likes to bite Liza.

Funny thing is that they are REALLY sticky and he didn't like them coming off his face haha.

He's cute!

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