Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oooooh! I'm excited!!!

I was searching around on the internet today looking for a good Bible study and I decided to check out the book Made to Crave. I've heard some good stuff about it and it's on my list of books to read soon. The search for that book led me to the author's website and I decided to click on the link to see her speaking schedule.

And that is when I saw that she was speaking in Grove City, PA! A town about forty minutes away! So I looked for more information. I didn't find what topic she will be speaking on and I've never read any of her books or heard her speak before. BUT...

I've been telling Mike for a few years now that I want to go to a women's conference whether it is with friends or alone. The problem is that the ones I find always seem to be soooo far away and I  just hate a really long drive, quick weekend conference and a really long drive back home. It's exhausting.

I decided that for only $40 (two day conference, lunch included) and only forty minutes away and with Mike being home to watch the kids that I was going. I bought a ticket. (This all took place in about five minutes time!)

So friends... I am soooo super excited to have a ticket to the Heart to Heart Spring Conference where NY Times best selling author Lysa TerKeurst will be speaking. The event is April 1-2 (only ten days away!!!!) and I would love to have some friends come along. If you don't  live near enough feel free to crash at my house. Or I wouldn't mind finding a cheap hotel either.

So excited!

Anyways... like I said... this all started because I was searching for a good Bible study... so I'm wondering, what are some Bible studies you have done in the past and just loved?

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