Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo shoot: Tara

Not too long ago I decided that there needs to be some kind of photography club in our area and so I've been talking with friends and the plan is to hopefully get together every once in a while and use our cameras. We will go to different places in our area, sometimes use people, sometimes just roll with nature. Who knows! I just like to get together with other people that have an interest in photography and share our knowledge and help each grow and be challenged.

Last night we had our first unofficial meeting.

The photographers were myself, Beth and Rob. And I asked our friend Tara to be the model. We just went downtown (because nature is pretty dead and brown around these parts right now) and I showed them different walls that I have found and like.

I got some great pictures of Tara. (At least I think so. :)) And I had a really great time hanging out with other photo lovers.








I couldn't resist the sun flare. :)




Fun times! I've named the "club" B-PHUB. (Short for Butler PHotography clUB.) I'm a dork like that. :) Can't wait to see what we all get to do next. In the plans... for me at least... is to photograph my sister-in-law and a couple of her friends on a "friend" shoot. They will wear their awesome prom dresses for it. And I want to go in to Pittsburgh (but I won't drive in the city so I need a friend for sure!). And there are other places around town that I would like to check out because I think they might be good places for future photo shoots.

I'm really excited about photography this year. I will get to try out a pregnancy shoot and a super newborn shoot. Should be fun! I need someone to get engaged because that is something I would like to add to my list as well.

I've been learning over the winter and I am excited for this beautiful weather so I can get out and shoot something other than my kids.

Get your cameras out and take some pictures!

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