Thursday, March 24, 2011


I was kind of forced to finalize my decision on preschool recently. (Forced for good reasons... being I needed to be able to decide if I would have the time to commit to something else. And that decision needed to be made.)

I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. I had originally planned to send Liza to a preschool that my friend currently sends her kid too. $75/month for three days a week. Well... they upped the prices and I really didn't want to be paying $100 for preschool... which I KNOW is still cheap! Which I think is kind of crazy.

So. That factored in. And so did Liza and her current abilities.

I asked for thoughts on preschool and pros and cons. No one mentioned anything that I thought would later be a problem for Liza.

And so the decision has been made.

I will not be sending Liza to preschool. She will go straight to kindergarten in the fall of 2012. And no I am not worried that she will be behind or socially unready or whatever.

Liza is very social. We participate in things throughout the week and she is always with other kids and "teachers". The reports are always really good. And I ask a lot and I tell them I want to know the full truth. Word is she is never a problem. She listens well, follows directions, participates in activities and plays with other kids. No problem there.

She also already knows her shapes, colors, numbers and most of her letters. She asks me how to spell words. I tell her the letters and she writes them. That's knowing your letters. She knows about half of their sounds as well.

Taking all that in to consideration I decided that it wasn't necessary for me to spend the money.

Instead I have picked up some workbooks from the bookstore and will continue to build on what Liza already knows. We will use the money saved to go to museums and hopefully even take a small family vacation (first one!) at some point. Either way... I know we will have a ton more fun as a family with the money that would have been spent on preschool.

I know it seems like Liza should be in school. She will be five in September. But she misses the cutoff by 22 days. She will be one of the oldest in her class. And that's ok with me. I like the idea of having her home with me for one more year.

The thing that is weird for me is that it seems like I am the only person in the world not sending her kid to preschool. Someone please tell me I am not alone! Anyone? No one? Didn't think so. I'm alone. And I don't care. I have complete peace about my decision and I know that the kids and I are going to have a blast during those months that Liza would have been in school.

That said... nothing wrong with sending your kid to preschool. I'm just talking about my decision for my baby girl. :)

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