Monday, March 21, 2011


This morning has been interesting.

Strange people go to the gym.

And today I had a run in with one of those strange people.

I was getting on a machine when this old man that is nice and talks to everyone came over and told me that he was actually next in line for the machine and had signed his name on the paper for it. I nicely said "oh! I didn't know people actually used those things" and I got off the machine and moved to the next one. The man started nicely explaining the rules of signing up for the machines and all that and I was nicely listening because I guess people actually DO sign up... even though in two and a half years I never ran in to a situation about it and saw very few people "sign in".


This girl that was beside us just couldn't mind her own business.

She started yelling at me and telling me that there are definitely in fact rules and I need to know them. I told her I was actually learning how the sign ins work right now. She wasn't happy with that. I needed to go read the rules over by the desk and follow them because if I listened to this guy I would get the wrong rules because he was telling me wrong and didn't know what he was talking about.

She was not being nice about this at all!

I was laughing.

It was crazy.

Lady: Yeah. There ARE rules and you need to go read them!
Me: Well he's telling me how it works right now. (Smile)
Lady: You need to read them over there because he doesn't know what he's talking about and you will get them wrong!
Man: Will you just mind your own business.
Me: Ok. So how does this work?
Man: When you are waiting for a machine you put your name on the paper...
Lady: That's NOT how it works!
Man: Will you just be quiet!
Lady: (to the man) I'm here trying to get skinny. YOU will NEVER get nice!
Me: (laughing and to the man) I think your nice. Now where were we.

He tries to explain again and she starts yelling AGAIN. Oh  my goooosssshhhh!

The man is talking to me. I am laughing.

Lady: (Pulls here ear pieces out of her ears and says to the man) Did you just call me a name!?
Man: (confused) No. I didn't call her a name did I?
Me: No. He didn't call you a name.
Lady: blah blah blah blah blah You crochety old man!
Man: Would you just shut up!
Lady: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah You need to read the rules and follow them!
Me: (saluted the lady... yeah I really did hahaha)
Man: (to me) Were you talking to her?
Me: No.
Man: I wasn't talking to her either. Hey, we weren't talking to you so just mind your own business.
Me: (LAUGHING) What is going on here!?!!
Lady: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Me: How about we MOVE?
Man: Good idea!

And then I continued to laugh and laugh and laugh. I could not believe what had just happened! I didn't do anything wrong. I wasn't saying I wouldn't follow the rules. The man was explaining it to me. I didn't fight with him when he told me he had signed up for the machine.

Seriously! This lady was MEAN and just wanted to pick a fight. And it was just too funny to me. Maybe because it was only 8:45 in the morning. I don't know. But I smiled for a good half hour over it.

And it gets better!

Me and the man moved on. We got on our machines and left a little separation between us and the lady. We had probably been on the machines for no more than two minutes when the lady takes her earphones out and hangs them on her machine and walks over to the desk to tell on us! No kidding! She told on us! The staff guy kept looking over at me and the man and I just locked eyes with him and smiled. I didn't do anything wrong.

And then he must have called in a higher up person because another guy came in and they were talking and trying to discreetly point and look at us.

I smiled at them too.

It was all just too ridiculous. I felt like I was about to get called to the principles office.

Adult tattling is repulsive.

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