Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I love about spring

It's another Girl Talk Hop and today we are sharing our favorite things about spring.

So here is my list...

1. Open windows and fresh air.
2. FLIP FLOPS and bare feet on green grass.
3. The temperatures! Can't WAIT to get outside again.
4. Flowers. Mike always picks me some wild flowers on the way home from work. I love fresh flowers on my table.
5. It no longer gets dark before dinner..

But I think that my most favorite thing about spring is the promise of summer! Bring on the heat and days at the lake! After months of this...

IMG_8779 1

I'm ready for this...

IMG_2479 1

Look at all the GREEN! And I love seeing their little arms and legs!

Now if spring would just please hurry up and get here! 17 degrees in the morning is not very spring-like. And it's been such a tease because the sun is shining and there is no snow so it looks like it should be REALLY nice outside... but it's FREEZING. People are confused because it will be 22 degrees and you will see people going to church in short sleeved dresses and flip flops. It is not warm enough to be dressing like that yet. People need to check the temps!

What are your favorite things about spring? Link up at Girl Talk.

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