Monday, March 21, 2011


I like to take the kids to story time at the library on Fridays. Mr. Peter always has some good books to read to us and a fun craft to do at the end.

Liza and Jason both sit and listen to the stories really well. And it's nice that Mike can come with us in the winter as well. It makes for a fun little family outing. And I have to admit that Mike and I enjoy hearing the stories just as much as the kids seem too.

Mr. Peter always reads two or three books and there is always theme. This last week the books he read were about characters who became friends because they had something in common... they loved doing yo-yo tricks!

After the stories the kids all got to pick a yo-yo out of the box and decorate it with stickers.





I thought it might be a bad idea to give the kids wooden yo-yos but  Liza and Jason have been great with them. They think they are soooo cool. And I've enjoyed playing with the yo-yo again too. :)

Story time takes a break for a few months starting in April. We will all be sad.

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