Saturday, April 30, 2011

Silly Sleeper

Every night before I go to bed I check on the kids and get them all covered up again because they end up falling asleep all randomly. Well two nights ago when I went in to check on Liza I just stopped at her door and was all "What the heck!?!?" And I called Mike over and he just stopped at the door and was all "What the heck!?!?!"


What? You don't notice anything out of place from that picture?

How about now?


No? Don't see it? Ok... maybe this one will help...


Yep. She is on the floor. On purpose.


We picked her up and put her back in bed. When we went to wake her up in the morning guess what! She was on the floor again!

Silly girl.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm a hooper!

A few weeks ago when I did the craft show there was a girl there selling hula hoops. She was constantly demonstrating and I kind of became obsessed.

I came home from the craft show and started looking up videos on youtube.

I wanted to learn how to do it. I NEEDED to learn how to do it!

I remembered seeing that there was a hooping class at the gym on Friday nights and I decided to go. I tried to get some friends to go buy no one wanted to join me. :( So I got myself all psyched up to go on my own and I went. I got to the gym and there was something going on where the hooping class was supposed to be so I went to the front desk and asked about it. They told me that it wouldn't be going on because of the event. (I found out tonight that they DID in fact have the class that night but it was in a different part of the gym.) I was sooo bummed and came home sad.

The Friday after that was Good Friday and the gym was closed.

I decided that tonight was the night... and I went! And I LOVED it!

The teacher was really nice and it was just a social class. Pick up a hoop and do your thing and she would teach you what you wanted to know.

So she handed me a hoop and said go for it. All of my hooping skills came back to me. Of course the only thing I could do was make it go around and around my waste. After a few minutes she said "that's pretty easy for you. How do you feel about trying two hoops together?" So I went on with two hoops. After I while I was feeling pretty confident and she was saying that she wasn't going to be having any more classes for the summer because not enough people were coming so I was determined to leave with a few tricks.

I asked her how she got it going around her knees. She showed me and after a few determined tries I got it! She was impressed that I got it so quickly. I wasn't... I can usually figure out physical things pretty easily. But my knees are definitely bruised from it and I won't be practicing it for a few days. The hoops are much heavier than your little plastic ones from Walmart... which I will be picking up for the kids tomorrow.

After I got that I insisted that she show me another trick. And she did. And I picked it up pretty easily. So in an hour class I learned quite a bit and I bought one of her hoops off of her and now own my own. :)

I'll be watching instructional videos on youtube and practicing in my back yard while the kids play.

And the best thing about it all is that it is a wonderful workout and really works the abs... which I desperately need! I haven't had abs for about five years now... ever since being pregnant with Liza. They need some work and I think hooping will be the perfect way to work them!

You should try it sometime! It's so much fun!

Drama in the middle of the night


We've been having an issue with Jason.

He likes to wake up in the middle of the night and have a little tantrum. It's happened over different things. Last night it was over his blankets.

JASON: I need my bwanket.
ME: Get it.

And that's when the whining starts.

JASON: I caaannn't
ME: Yes you can.
JASON: But I caaannn't get my bwaaannketttt.
ME: Reach out and put it on you. I'm not coming in to do it.
JASON: I can't do it. I'm busy!

This is happening at 4:50am. He is laying in bed half asleep... and he is busy? I'm guessing the boy doesn't know what the word means.

And then it continued.

JASON: (crying) I sad. (Said in the saddest voice ever.)
ME: Go back to sleep. You won't know you are sad anymore. (Yeah... I'm awesome!)
JASON: But I saaad.
ME: Jason, that's enough crying. Stop crying, get your blanket and go back to sleep.
JASON: But I NEEEEED to cwyyyyy.
ME: Stop crying. Goodnight Jason.
JASON: I need a tiss-u.
ME: Use your blanket or shirt or pillow. I'm not getting you one.
ME: Mike, will you please go put an end to this.

I hate middle of the night drama. I like my sleep.

And no we did not put his blanket on for him. He knows how. And yes he did stop crying. And we all went to bed again.

And when we woke up this morning I made him practice putting on his blankets a few times. But really I hope that he just stops waking up in the middle of the night. He can be so needy and I'm just not good with needy when we should all be sleeping.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've been shopping...

My wardrobe has been needing updated for a while now and I was really tired of buying crap clothes because I had to shop on a tight budget. When we figured out our tax return I asked Mike if I could have a bit of money to spend on clothes. I needed to be able to shop without limits so that I could get a few things that I really loved. He said it would be fine and I've been hitting the stores. I haven't found much yet but I like what I've been finding. :)

At Old Navy I picked up two of the same tank (different colors of course) but I can't find them online so I can't show them to you easily.

But I can show you this cute little dress I also picked up at Old Navy...

As well as the shrug that goes nice with it... and just about every top that I own...

Today I bought some shoes at Famous Footwear...

I picked up a pair at JCPenny too. They were originally $60, on sale for $25 and I had a $10 off coupon. $15 for an awesome pair of shoes in the color that I love... which means they will match 75% of the things in my closet. :)

I bought some crop pants from JCPenny as well as a few nicer t-shirts... because there are days when I want more than just a plain t-shirt but I don't want to be very dressy. It's nice to have plenty of the in between clothes.

There is still a few things I would like to find. I have ideas in my head... I'm just not having any luck locating them on a rack somewhere. I would like another dress or two... simple and summery. Having a hard time find something like that. I need a few more tops and I'm thinking perhaps a pair of black shorts. Who knows. I get frustrated when I can't find what I want. Or I find it but it just doesn't fit me right.

And jewelry... I need a few new pieces. Some in purple and fuchsia since those colors would match so much of what I have. But I'm not finding anything I like. I might have to go to the craft store and grab some beads and make my own. We'll see.

Have you bought anything fun lately?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am sooooo exhausted.

I've been tired for a while. Feeling like I've been running nonstop. Busy.

I don't like busy.

I like a simple, easy life. With time to sit and relax and read a book. I haven't had time to do that since the beginning of March.

But I think I am finally done with a bunch of commitments. The calendar is looking more and more empty every week that I look ahead. It looks like freedom.

I can sit back and just breathe again.

And I am finding myself lost in a good book.

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond... aka The Pioneer Woman. It's a love story. A true love story. HER love story. And it's the kind of stuff that fairy tales are made of. I keep getting warm fuzzies.

See if your library has it! I'm off to read some more.

Rory's Party

Rory is my niece. (Some of you read her mom's blog at 567Kate.) On Saturday she had her second birthday party. Since Kate has a dance studio the party was there.

IMG_8536 1

Liza was soooo excited to be going to a real place where dance is taught. She LOOOOVES dancing! She stood around for just a few moments and then she joined right in with the running around and dancing.

IMG_8540 1

IMG_8561 1

Birthday Girl!
IMG_8545 1

There were games...
IMG_8567 1

IMG_8571 1

Liza and Jason tried really hard to figure out what was going on and there was cheating to make sure the little kids did well. :)

There was a pinata but somehow they attached strings and everyone got to pull one until the bottom opened. It didn't take long.

IMG_8591 1

IMG_8595 1

Birthday Girl!
IMG_8589 1

Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog made an appearance...
IMG_8586 1

The kids all got goody bags with lots of fun stuff in them.

IMG_8596 1
IMG_8602 1

And of course it's not a party without some cake...

IMG_8644 1

IMG_8645 1

Happy Birthday Rory!! We had a great time at your party!
IMG_8649 1

Monday, April 25, 2011

The craft project that kept me busy last week...

IMG_8520 1

A week ago when my brother and sister-in-law found out we would be in town for Easter they let us know that we were invited to Rory's second birthday party. I needed a gift. And what do you get a little girl that already has everything she needs?

Thankfully these blocks magically appeared in my mind and I decided to go for it even though I had no pattern. I've never crocheted without a pattern before.

It was fun.

And it took a lot of time.

Here is the back of it...
IMG_8523 1

The letters were the hardest part because I had to make them up. It was a little tricky but I think they turned out well.

IMG_8527 1

How did I make it? (For those interested.) I first crocheted all the individual squares.  Then I did the letters and flowers and butterflies.

IMG_8529 1

IMG_8528 1

I used clear thread to sew the letters and flowers and butterflies on to the squares.

IMG_8524 1

After that I used some yarn and a yarn needle to stitch all the sides together. When I had just two sides of the last square left I stuffed it with foam. It's the kind of foam that you would find in your couch cushions. I picked it up at JoAnn Fabric and was able to have it cut to the size I needed. (By the Yard stuff.) Then I finished stitching it up.

These blocks are five inches. I used Lily Sugar and Cream yarn and chained 18 to start. And that's as detailed as my pattern is going to get. :)

It was sooo fun to work on and finish and I was pretty pumped to just put something together from my mind instead of a pattern. The thing about making gifts like this is that they are always difficult to part with. But it was fun to give it away.

IMG_8628 1

Everyone loved them... including Rory!

IMG_8630 1

I figure she can play with them, learn to spell her name, throw them around... and when she gets bored with them they can decorate her dresser or a shelf.

I kind of want to make them for Liza and Jason now... but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I wonder... Do you know Him?

Happy Easter friends! Hope you are having a great day and if you have a minute you should stop and watch this video...

Now if that doesn't have you wanted to jump out of your seat and shout hallelujah I don't know what will!

Do you know HIM?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs

We colored eggs yesterday. :)

I think that one of my favorite things about having kids is the excuse to do all things "kid". :) Most people who don't have kids don't do eggs... unless someone brings some kids around.

We are at my parent's house and yesterday we sat down at the kitchen table to color the eggs. My brother Matt and my mom joined us.


IMG_8420 copy

We had almost four dozen eggs. And since it is only a once a year thing the kids were pretty excited!

IMG_8425 copy

IMG_8427 copy

IMG_8428 copy

IMG_8448 copy


After dying the eggs we put some food coloring on the tips of q-tips and painted on the eggs.



Matt got creative and tried some blow art.


Jason got tired.


The egg dying kits that I bought had things to make monsters with the eggs. We got two made but the glue wasn't working too well so we quick. We decided it would be easier to wait and use a glue gun and decorate some plastic ones. Hopefully we will get to do that this evening because the monster eggs rock!

IMG_8499 copy

Hooray for coloring eggs!




You should do it even if you don't have kids!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

School Bus Day

Wednesday was school bus day for the kids. When they woke up in the morning and I told them they were pretty excited. Jason still calls them "cool buses" and he was talking and talking and talking about them all the way to school.

I was volunteering in Jason's class but when I saw Liza's class out at the buses I went to see her. I caught up with them just as she was getting on the small bus.


I found her in her seat and she let me sit with her.

She was just in awe. Didn't talk. Just stared out the window as we drove around the parking lot two times.
Then we got off the little bus and got on the big one for another ride around the parking lot.



After the rides the bus driver gave all the kids little bus viewfinders with  school bus safety rules. It was cute. Then class pictures were taken and the kids were off to their classroom again.

Then it was Jason's turn. He was still soooo excited!

But as soon as he got near the buses he just stood there and stared.


They learned all about bus safety.

 He loved it but he was also in awe. I rode the bus with him too and he held my hand the whole time. :) Melt my heart.



It was a very exciting day for the kids! Jason's first time riding a school bus! It's a big deal for the kids because they are always seeing them on the road and they are always talking about them but they never get to ride.
So glad that their little program has fun days like this one!

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