Friday, May 13, 2011

Boy stuff

There has been construction going on on the main road that we live off of. We can hear the trucks from our house. Jason is in love with it... so of course we had to go out and watch for a while yesterday. :)

IMG_0059 copy

We also just bought Jason his big boy underwear today!!

IMG_0154 1
Jason is growing up! He is such a big boy.
A week or so ago Sarah asked if I was planning on having more kids. The answer... no. No I am not. I've recently begun to go through some baby stuff and I've been getting rid of the big items. (Anyone in town or my hometown want a crib? Great condition. Few teeth marks. Transitions to toddler bed. Honey color. Free.) It feels good to be giving stuff away to people who can use it. I had so many things given to me and giving is so much fun!

I also said that once I had kids out of diapers that I wouldn't have any more. I just can't see myself going back to that. And well... Jason got his big boy underwear today soooooo. :)

No... I don't plan on having more kids. That said... nothing has been made permanent because I'm only 98% sure about it. That means there could be more kids in the future and I would adjust and love on those babies. But I don't plan to have more. I didn't plan on Liza either though haha.

Yeah. I'm done with babies. Don't wish anymore on me please.

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