Sunday, May 22, 2011


I would like a do-over of my morning.

I heard the alarm go off and I was soooo tired that I almost slept through it. Mike got up and turned it off and I was thinking it was Monday and he was up to get ready for work and I was going to continue sleeping. Then I realized it was Sunday and I needed to get up and get ready for church.

I got up. I got the kids up. Everyone started getting ready. I usually save the last ten minutes before leaving to finish getting myself ready. So I hurry up and get Liza in the bathroom to fix her hair. I have to wet it, part it and then dry it so that it looks decent down every morning. As I was drying her hair I felt something and knew without looking that it was a tick.

So I have ten minutes to get myself ready but I need to get this tick out of Liza's head. I call Mike in to help and we always start with putting a bunch of rubbing alcohol on the tick because many times that has made one back out on it's own quite a ways. So I put some on Liza's head and don't realize that it's running all down her hair. We get the tick out but Liza smells of rubbing alcohol. Mike is getting ready and finishing up with Jason. I have Liza over the side of the tub while washing her hair... less than ten minutes to go and I don't even know what I am wearing.

I'm cranky by this point. Totally pms-ing. (Hi guys.) My moods are insane and I'm running around frantically trying to get my family out the door on time because I hate being late. I throw on an outfit that I know I loved two weeks ago but today I decide I hate it and it looks awful. I end up in the usual jeans and t-shirt. I don't even know why I bother trying to add nice things to the wardrobe because I always fall back to the basics.

We get out the door and have to take two cars because I have people to meet after church. Thankfully we somehow make it and get the kids checked in and get in the sanctuary just as the service is starting. But I'm in such a sour mood that I'm having a hard time wanting to be there. I'd rather be back in my bed by this point.

I'm just starting to come out of my mood when this girl walks in and stands right in front of us. (She is supposed to be standing and is in the row in front of us so that wasn't the issue.) She's wearing this ridiculously tight, ridiculously short dress. Ugh. That just put me over the edge. I was so angry. I just wanted to yell "Don't you know what that does to guys!?!?! Don't you know that the guy you are standing in front of used to have a porn addiction and you're just a big bundle of temptation dressed like that!?!" And then of course my mind is all "Is Mike looking at her? Mike's probably looking at her. Ugh. This is a disaster."

Of course Mike is smarter than that. He saw her when she came in, thought "are you kidding me!?" and then looked else where. But please girls... try on some modesty... especially at church.

I eventually got over it all and the message today was good. I talked with some friends after church. Worked out some details for a photoshoot I'm going to do. And then I headed to the car because I needed to meet up with a friend for lunch soon. I get in the car, turn the key and nothing happens. And once again I'm completely angry. Thankfully I had the cell phone and thankfully we only live a mile and half from church. I called Mike to come back so he could jump the battery. I hadn't turned the lights off. Blah. The car doesn't ding when you get out of the car but leave the lights on. I've killed the battery like that far too many times. I'm never taking that car again.

And then I got to meet with my friend. And thankfully that went well.

I'm feeling a bit more positive now. Of course we have some friends coming over in three hours and I have a ton to do so let's hope that I can manage to stay in the positive while frantically cleaning my house and getting dinner ready.

Don't you know that Life Happens on the days that you most need to be normal!?

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