Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look what I made!!!

I like to do a little bit of all kinds of crafting. I'm far from a pro at any. But lately I've been enjoying making myself take the next step and see what I can do.

Today's project was a sewing one. I haven't had the machine out lately and I never make anything that isn't square (I make rag quilts and curtains) and I've never really followed a pattern.

And I've never made any kind of clothing.

However, while browsing around the web I came across a blog with some really awesome tutorials and saw a skirt that I just had to try for Liza. It seemed simple enough so I ran and got the materials and came home and made it.

IMG_0374 1

Not too bad! Ok... I got her measurements a little big. Probably didn't help that I measured her waist when she had a full, bloated stomach. (I need to measure her in the morning.) And I made it a little long because that way I had room to make errors.

IMG_0375 1

I was able to make it work though by taking in the sides just a little. It stays on her now! :) And the good news is that she will be able to wear this dress until she is ten probably. Ok... a little exaggerated but you get the point. It's going to be in her wardrobe for a long time.

IMG_0377 1

Liza loved it immediately and had a great time spinning and making it fly out.

IMG_0379 1

She wants to wear it tomorrow. And probably every day after that.

IMG_0382 1

What I love most about Liza and a new dress is that every time she gets one she actually lets me take her picture and she poses all cute.

IMG_0387 1

I love her!

IMG_0398 copy

IMG_0391 1

Here is the link to where you can find the pattern and tutorial... really quite easy. I'm seriously very much a beginner at sewing. If I can make it you can too!

Circle Skirt Tutorial

Next time the fabric goes on sale I'll be buying more for more skirts!

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