Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Play Time

On Sunday we had a "picnic" with the in-laws. I say "picnic" because we cooked and played outside but we ate inside in the air conditioning.

I have lots of pictures but for some reason I never seem to get many of the kids with their grandparents. I'm going to have to work on that.

Liza and Jason just love to grandma and papa's house. As soon as we get there they are looking for Papa. They want to go out and play.

And play they do!

IMG_0664 1

IMG_0686 1

Liza had seen that I was taking my camera and decided she wanted hers. I couldn't find it real quick so I took my point and shoot and let her try that out. She took a few pictures and then was done.
IMG_0645 1

Mike rode a bike around the yard and Jason just followed him around. It was cute.
IMG_0661 1

And then something clicked for Jason and all he wanted to do was play on the tractors.

IMG_0690 copy

IMG_0691 1

Jason insisted that Papa get on a tractor too... and whoever was on the little one had to wear the ear things. Awesome.
IMG_0700 1

IMG_0697 1

While Jason rode the tractors Liza rode the big wheel. She loved that thing.
IMG_0709 1

IMG_0711 1

It was a nice day and a nice visit. :)

IMG_0726 1

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