Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Story That Touched My Heart

A few years ago I met Christine online. We've kept in touch but never met. She lives in Texas. A little far away to meet for lunch.

In the middle of April Christine started posting some statuses on facebook... her friend Kellie had been in an accident and was in the hospital desperately in need of prayers.

On April 11th Kellie was the passenger in a car when the tires blew and the car rolled until it was crushed. Machines were necessary to get her out of the car and she was transported to the hospital.

Kellie had two broken femurs and a broken neck. She had a several hour surgery that evening and was kept in a medical induced coma for a few days. In the meantime the doctors had informed family and friends that Kellie would be paralyzed from the waste down... and probably the neck down.

Christine continued posting updates asking for prayer. She, along with some others are believing for a miracle.

In the days following the accident and surgery they started seeing some good signs... Kellie was able to move her arms a little bit and her toes would move as a reflex to being tickled. And all along, her friends continued to visit her, sit with her, serve her and encourage her. They even brought church to her hospital room.

What amazes me about this story is how many friends are surrounding Kellie with love and faith. Their devotion to her during this time is incredible and so selfless. Kellie is one lucky and blessed girl to have so many friends who love her so much.

A few days ago Kellie was able to extend both arms at the elbows which left the doctors amazed at how quickly she was making progress. Today! Today she wiggled her big toe... on her own, on purpose!

Paralysis from the waste down??? MY GOD IS BIGGER!!!

So... now that you are up to speed on this story I'm going to ask you to join us in praying for her. It's ok if you don't know her... I've never met her either. But prayer helps!!

What you can pray for:
1. That her fingers would begin moving and working properly again.
2. Continued movement in her toes/feet/legs that is not just a reflex but controlled by Kellie.
3. On Wednesday the hospital will release Kellie. She has no money and no insurance so she needs a plan to fall in to place. She may be able to get two weeks in a charity bed at a rehab center but after that she has nowhere to go. Pray that God would provide a way for Kellie to receive the necessary rehab.

You can send a card to Kellie (even if you don't know her!) Even if all it says is "I'm praying for you." You know if you were in a hospital bed for weeks at a time that you would love a card from anyone it came from.

To send a card go to this website...
Then just follow the steps. It's easy and only takes a moment. Here is the rest of the info you need:
Seton Medical Center Williamson
Room 507


Thanks for praying for Kellie! And while you are at it why don't you throw up a prayer for Christine and all of her other friends that they would be able to stay strong in their faith and continue to be an encouragement to Kellie.

I am certain that your prayers will make a difference in all of their lives.

This is Kellie... isn't she gorgeous!!!?!

Oh... and feel free to spread the word. Prayer is powerful. I don't care if you copy my post word for word and repost it... just pass this story on. And I'll do my best to keep you updated as I continue to receive information.

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