Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunshine... and a lack of it.

This is the five day forecast...
(I actually started this post last night so that is when the forecast is from. It looks pretty similar still.)

And the ten day doesn't look any better.

Thankfully we had loads of sun last week! And we got spoiled with outside play time. Now all the kids want to do is go outside to play... but it's cold and rainy. And it doesn't help that we just picked up a wagon and the kids are just dying to get a ride in it.

Anyways... last week we got to go to the park. When there are no leaves on the trees we can see the park from our road. We had noticed not too long ago that they were working on it... lots of tractors and stuff happening. They finally finished and it was finally sunny so we went to check it out.

There was some new stuff and Liza and Jason had a blast... even though most of the new stuff was for younger kids.

5-9-2011 park

5-9-2011 park3

They always love the swings but this time they insisted on using the new kids ones.

5-9-2011 park1

And then we went over to the bridge so they could throw rocks in the water.

IMG_9606 copy

But eventually Liza discovered the field of dandelions and set off to pick as many as she could.
IMG_9634 copy

5-9-2011 park2

IMG_9646 copy

IMG_9667 1

IMG_9673 copy

Of course I had to bring all those "flowers" home and put them in a cup on the table and keep them forever. Good thing I like dandelions!
And hopefully the sun comes out again sometime soon because we like going to the park!

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