Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another day at the zoo.

I know we go to the zoo a lot but that's ok... we like it. :) And we aren't bored of it yet so we are going to keep going. We get a membership every year to the Pittsburgh Zoo and it's definitely been worth our money every time. Our current membership expired today so I am really glad that it worked out for us to go one last time! And I had a bunch of guest passes left on our membership so I asked my friend Kim to come along with her three kids.

The kids all paired up and became buddies for the day. It was cute and I didn't mind having someone else to hold Liza's and Jason's hands.

It was an eventful day at the zoo. The first thing we get to is the snow leopard. The snow leopard is always sleeping way in the back corner and he's no fun to see. But this time he was out and walking around and came right up to the window. It was exciting.

IMG_2133 copy

The rhino was actually out where we could see it too! He's often in the back of his area giving us nothing but a nice view of his butt.

IMG_2153 copy

The leopard display is finally finished... they've been working on it forever. But the leopard was out and beautiful!
IMG_2158 copy

IMG_2164 copy

We spent some time watching the elephants.

IMG_2210 copy

IMG_2233 copy

As we rounded the elephant house we saw that we could get our pictures taken with one of the elephants... for $10. After thinking about it for a second we decided to all get in the picture and split the cost since they take the photo on your camera. Easy to share. It's not every day that the kids get to be right up next to an elephant and touch it.

IMG_2241 copy

The monkeys were all kinds of fun today. Lots of playing around and making noises. And some were just resting in awkward positions.

IMG_2273 copy

IMG_2294 copy

Then it was off to the aquarium.

IMG_2342 copy

IMG_2397 copy

The polar bears... I have this thing... I've been to the zoo so many times but I have never seen the polar bears swim. There is this tunnel you can walk through and watch the polar bears swim over you. But they never swim. Then, the past two times I was there the polar bears were swimming so we ran to the tunnel and as soon as we got in the tunnel the bears got out of the water. Sad face.
Well this time we got to the top of the polar bear display and they were in the water AGAIN! I didn't even bother trying to get to the tunnel because I knew they wouldn't still be in the water. And it was shortly after that they got out.

IMG_2426 copy

After watching them for a few minutes they started "fighting" and all of a sudden they were up on their back legs going at each other and they ended up in the water! So we decided we should head to the tunnel. We got to the tunnel and waited for a few minutes and they did it again! I finally saw the polar bears swimming from the tunnel.

IMG_2427 1

It didn't last long but at least I finally saw it! I mean... it's in the commercials and the movies! (The Next Three Days.) Shouldn't it happen in real life!?

Anyways... we had a really great day. There were some staff in the reptile house with some snakes and lizards out that we could pet. The kids loved that. Just lots of exciting and different things at the zoo today. We spent five hours there and I am completely exhausted!

My favorite photo from the day...

IMG_2400 copy

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