Monday, June 27, 2011


Every summer our town has the Cruise-a-palooza. Main Street is shut down and then lined up and down with "fancy cars" as the kids like to call them. Everyone comes out to look at the cars and eat the good "fair food". Mmm.

We got home from church, grabbed a quick (and early) lunch and headed downtown to join the crowd. The kids loved riding in their wagon yelling out when they saw their "favorite car"... which just so happened to be about every five cars. Mike always enjoys the cars. And I just enjoy some fun time out with my family... and some good french fries.

100_3097 1

I know Mike is a bit out of focus in this next picture but it's not every day that I get a picture of myself that I like so I'm posting it anyways. :)

100_3100 1

100_3102 1

Mike likes the vipers.

100_3109 1

But his favorite car was the General Lee. Too many memories wrapped up in that one for him.

100_3116 1

100_3119 1

100_3126 1

100_3131 1

100_3143 1

Mike looks like he doesn't have an arm in this next picture. But I look good soooo... :)

100_3146 1

We had a really nice time. Sundays are Mike's only day off so it's always nice when there is something going on that we are interested in doing. And the best thing about the Cruise-a-palooza is that you don't have to spend any money to have a good time. It was such a cheap family time out for us. The fries cost a few bucks and that was all that we spent. You just go to enjoy the cars and the crowd.

My favorite cars are always the Mustangs. I want a '64. It's my dream car. I want a white exterior, red interior. I didn't see my car yesterday but I saw plenty of Mustangs.

Do you have a favorite old car?

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