Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Mike and I have been saying for years how nice it would be to have a fire pit outback. We had thought about asking our landlord if it would be ok but we never got around to it.

Last week Liza was walking around picking up sticks because she was going to build a pretend fire. We ran into the maintenance couple  and Liza told them what she was up to. Maintenance couple just loves my kids and they said "We have this thing that you can build a fire in. Someone gave it to us three years ago and we never used it. You can have it if you want it."

Yes please!

They dropped it off the next day. And the day after that we had a fire and roasted some marshmallow.

The thing is basically a grill... but it has a thing that goes around it so you can put the lid up higher and have a fire in it. It's weird. But it worked!

IMG_1965 1

We invited the neighbors down and they roasted marshmallows with us.
IMG_1971 1

IMG_1974 1

IMG_1979 1

IMG_1983 1

I didn't eat any marshmallows... it's that whole no eating sugar thing. I know it seems like one marshmallow wouldn't be that big of a deal but people! I LOVE marshmallows! Oh man. I love them. I would have ate the whole bag... so I didn't eat any.

But I roasted some for others.

I'm good at roasting up marshmallows to perfection.
But no one was taking pictures of me so I can't show you.

IMG_1985 1

Eventually the neighbors went home and we tucked the kids in bed.
Then Mike and I went back out and enjoyed the fire by ourselves for a while longer.

It was perfect.

IMG_2032 1

We'll be doing it again!

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