Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean

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The first Pirates movie is one of my all time favorite movies! Love it! It makes me happy.

The second and third Pirates movies... not so much. A complete waste of my time. I'll never watch either of them again. They rank somewhere beyond ridiculous in the volumes of "we tried too hard."

So of course I was a bit skeptical of the fourth one... Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.

 I had heard mixed things about it but Mike and I needed something relaxing to do the other night when we had a babysitter and there weren't any other movies that we really wanted to see. So we went. I figured even if the movie wasn't real great that two hours of Johnny Depp never hurt anyone. :)

And honestly... I loved the movie! It was fun and clever like the first one without going overboard. It also did not have the characters Will and Elizabeth which I thought was a good thing. The story line was completely different from the other ones, it introduced new and interesting characters and the only thing that realized I was sitting for two hours was my butt.

I was feeling really blah when we showed up at the theater but the movie left me feeling good and light hearted.

A great date night movie!

What is a good movie that you  have seen recently?

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