Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strawberry Festival

Two weekends ago we went to a strawberry festival. Soergel's Farm is about 45 minutes away and we had heard great things about events that they have put on in the past so when Mike heard about the Strawberry Festival we decided it would be a really fun thing to do as a family.

The first thing we did was catch the hay ride up to the strawberry fields to pick our own strawberries.

IMG_1359 1

IMG_1363 1

6-12-2011 strawberry festival

6-12-2011 strawberry festival1

Before catching the tractor ride back down to the main part of the farm we took some time to run through the maze.

IMG_1438 1

IMG_1450 1

6-12-2011 strawberry festival2

6-12-2011 strawberry festival3

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Perfect for a family outing at a local farm!

The kids enjoyed the pony rides... (At $2 per kid to be walked around a small circle three times they better be liking it!!)

6-12-2011 strawberry festival4
They played in all the little wooden houses. Liza was pretend selling us pretend ice cream in her little ice cream store...

6-12-2011 strawberry festival5

And we had fun with the little wooden photo stands...

6-12-2011 strawberry festival6

There were a few "petting zoo" type animals, lots of food and strawberry desserts. We also got to look for gems!

6-12-2011 strawberry festival7

Soergel's also has a gift shop with lots of unique items, a garden center,  organic store. They sell Amish made furniture. There is tons to do there. If you are in the area you should definitely check it out! And I'm sure we'll be going back next summer for the Strawberry Festival! It was a perfect way to spend a family day out!

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